Loyalty to businesses isn't always about the money. Often its about the personal attachment or special connection to that busines. Reelo is trying to capitalize on the latter with a new mobile app.

Based out of Ahmedabad, Reelo is a loyalty rewards program founded by Prit Sanghvi and Parin Sanghvi. In the true sense of the word, it is a community builder, not a coupon generator. We focus on customer experience and bring personal touch to a customer loyalty program. Our aim is to create an emotional attachment and bridge the gap between businesses and their customers.

It’s a fun and free way to earn one-of-a-kind rewards at the businesses you love. It replaces the boring “Buy 10, Get 1” offers with free items that you will love and memorable experiences to go with them. Members check-in through the Reelo App, earning points that are redeemable for rewards unique to each Reelo Business.