It’s one powerful marketing program.

Rewards program as unique as your business

Start your digital rewards program that suits your business and delights your customers to double your customer return visits..

Automatically connect with customers

Send the right rewards to the right customer at the right time to keep them engaged and watch your revenue skyrocket.

Accelerate revenue

Send targeted one-off offers to increase your store’s foot traffic and get discovered by thousands of shoppers through our mobile app.

Drive incremental revenue through deeper, data-driven relationships.

We arm you with insights.

Customer data differentiates winners and losers in every industry. Don’t fly blind. Collect & track your guests data to measure your program success with you own dashboard.

Do you really know
your customers?

We’ve got in-depth data with all the deets about your customers including vital stats like number of visits, total spent, average bill, visits per month, lifetime value, and much more.

Meet AutoPilot

Remember Tanya, that customer who used to come in all the time? Until she didn’t. What happened? Reelo merchants don’t have to wonder; they’ve got the power of AutoPilot, sending your customers the targeted offers they’ll love - totally automatically.

Reelo integrates Loyalty, Feedback, Referrals, and Personalized marketing tools into a single solution.

Loyalty Program

Start your customized digital loyalty program to reward and retain customers.

Real-time Analytics

Get the data you need to compete. Collect and track customer data at your fingertips.


Reach out to all your customers through SMS, Push notification and email campaigns to drive engagement.

Customer Acquisition

Launch unlimited digital deals to all the App users and grow your customer base.

Birthday Rewards

Make your best customers feel special with automated rewards for their birthday.

Win Back Lost Customers

Winback lost customer and ensure first-timer’s receive automatic communication while you focus on your business.


Get alerted to critical customer feedback in real time and respond right through the app.


Drive new business through trusted referrals. Reelo turns your happiest, most loyal customers into brand advocates.

Built for just about any business.

Food & Beverage




Why do businesses choose Reelo over the competition?

Frictionless experience

Easy to use, Reelo captures the most complete customer data.

Demonstrable ROI

Loyalty should be a revenue driver, not a cost center.

Fully Automated

Set it and forget it campaigns allow you to engage with customers around the clock without sucking up time and resources.

Fastest time to Market

Without hardware or IT integrations, Reelo can have your program up and running in days, not weeks.

Actionable Insights

Real-time qualitative and quantitative feedback helps you improve your business.

World Class Support

24x7 Customer support and guidance at no extra cost.

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